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Although he wouldn’t outright take his daughter’s side, did he really love his daughter enough to tell her that?

Well… that’s what I thought, but Chairman Sakayanagi’s response was unexpected.

“What? No… I didn’t tell my daughter my phone number.”

Surprisingly, he denied this.

“When and where did she find out?”

Chairman Sakayanagi said with a forced smile. From the way he said it, it did not sound fake.

“Is the number of the chairman supposed to be a secret?”

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“Of course, well, all the teachers know, and there should be records from information sent to relevant people…”

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In that case, it wouldn’t be very difficult to get a hold of his number. It wouldn’t be surprising if Sakayanagi Arisu saw it somewhere, and wrote it down. There was one thing that confused me, though. Chairman Sakayanagi was a man who would enforce fairness even in the face of his cute daughter. I don’t think he’s a man who would just help anyone that cried for it.

So why did she deliberately write down his phone number? It doesn’t seem like she’s reporting anything to him or doing this to hold a conversation with him as father and daughter either.

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I remembered that when I asked Sakayanagi for the chairman’s phone number, she happily obliged.

Would it be possible that Sakayanagi had anticipated that I might run into trouble one day and ask her for the chairman’s phone number…?

“So… How should I react to your appearance?”

Compared to how Arisu had obtained his phone number, it seems that my appearance was more important.