How to make money on the tailor

How to make money on the tailor

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However, he was finally better now.

The smart fitness drying rack was placed on the balcony. His wife had almost lost her temper at him when he first sent it home.

It took up space even though this was a free gift!

The residential area in Harbor City was generally small, so it was almost perfect in terms of space use. Not a single inch could be wasted. This smart fitness drying rack took up three square meters of the balcony in an instant, making the already narrow balcony even more difficult. No wonder his wife was angry with him.

The wife only reluctantly accepted it after hearing that the seats could be folded and could be hung up to dry clothes.

However, she only agreed to it but did not accept it.

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Lin Jiaqiang’s wife felt that Lin Jiaqiang would not be able to use it for more than a few times. Thus, she made a three-point covenant with him. They would sell it or get rid of it if it was left unused for a period of time.

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Unexpectedly, Lin Jiaqiang persevered!

He would train his body with the characters in the game every day. He would even be able to get lucky draw tickets for calorie coins after the training. Even the training scene was very cute and filled with cuteness.

Slowly, his wife became interested. After using it a few times, she fell in love with it. She even created a new account for herself and started training from scratch.

Seeing that Lin Jiaqiang had indeed achieved results, his wife no longer talked about selling the smart fitness drying rack. Not only did she train with him, but she also studied the drying function of this thing every day. She was full of praise for the drying of the drying rack and the artificial intelligence’s reminder to collect clothes.

At first, his wife wanted Lin Jiaqiang to go to the gym, but she gave up in the end.

That was because it was inconvenient to run back and forth from a gym far away from home. The nearest gym was more expensive. High-end gyms with fewer people would cost more than 1,000 yuan per month. That had yet to include a private training fee.

The monthly expenses of the gym was a long-term expenditure. It was also quite a big expense for their family’s current financial situation.

The price of the smart fitness drying rack was about the same as half a year’s worth of fitness cards. What’s more, it was a free gift. The fitness effect was not bad, so he did not think about going to the gym anymore.

Finally, Lin Jiaqiang finished working out and went to take a shower.

Not long after he came out, he received a call.

“Hello, is this Mr. Lin Jiaqiang? Hello, hello. I’m from Aili Island’s website. I would like to invite you to join our Aili Island website. Your good friends, Mr. Zhang Zuting, and the others are also invited...”

“If you are willing, please register an account on our website. We will give you an official certification and some recommendation resources. Of course, it would be best to send a video to say hello to the fans. That would make it easier to attract traffic...”