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Even the fake reviewers who had been trying their best to lead the game had stopped.

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This competition was too good!

Unlike the teams in the group stages, FV Club chose an early-stage lineup and carried it out without saying a word. They started killing people at level two and repeatedly sent their troops on the way. After that, they invaded crazily and ate the opposite jungle clean. The snowball rolled very quickly and did not give the opponents any chance throughout!

In the end, they even showed off their skills and displayed his arrogance.

In fact, Finger Games’ new version of IOI was to speed up the pace of the game, strengthen the confrontation, and improve the viewing pleasure of the competition. FV Club, on the other hand, vividly displayed the characteristics of the new version, highlighting a bad-tempered person.

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The audience felt an inexplicable sense of joy as they watched the invincible Chaos Misfortune being repeatedly trampled over by the FV, which wished that it could die twice in five minutes.

They had finally vented all of his pent-up anger from being mocked “cn ioi noob” by foreign gamers!

However, everyone knew that this was only the first round of the BO5. They could not be too blindly optimistic. FV Club had thought of a way to counter Chaos Misfortune. It was equivalent to using a big move to win.

In the next round, the opponent could just ban Chaos Misfortune entirely. It was still unknown what the outcome would be.

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The players who had been disheartened by the domestic IOI before now felt like they had just been rescued from a hopeless situation. They once again perked up and continued watching the competition!

Los Angeles, at the competition venue.

Zhao Xuming stood below the stage, watching FV battleteam’s successive victories with an expression of shock.

During the two hours of competition, Zhao Xuming had a strange feeling that this world was not real!

The commentator at the venue was the official commentator of Finger Games. His English was fluent and passionate.

On the big screen, the purple side had already attacked the blue side’s high ground. The final battle was about to begin.

“The CEM team has the first casualty. They were utterly defeated. FV began to pursue the victory! Miracles did not happen. At the last moment of the third round, CEM team tried to fight a perfect team battle to save their own fate. However, they failed because of the vision that FV set up in advance!”

“The FV maintained a perfect formation, advancing steadily like an invincible tank, making the CEM team feel extremely hopeless!”

“It’s a pity that this is a competition that cannot be recorded in the history books because this competition ended in just 25 minutes. This battle is so overwhelming that it’s difficult for us to judge if it’s because we severely underestimated FV’s strength or because CEM performed abnormally for some unknown reason?”