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What the hell? Is this person a more supreme being than the demon king? Is she a player that can observe our story and have the power to intervene freely?

Main-san looked at our reaction with a mischievous smile as she urged us.

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“Hiya, you guys aren’t doing it? No? Really, that’s regrettable. In other words, this is concrete evidence that all of you are banding together and lying to me. Ouch, I’m hurt. This is too much. Well, …I guess I can only look forward to a little bit of COMPENSATION, right?”

Aguri-san and I can’t help but shiver since we know how risky it is for Main-san to ask for compensation.

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However, at the next second, a hero slammed the table and rose up!

When Aguri-san and I are admiring him, the man- the hope of humanity, Tasuku Uehara, showed us the most refreshing smile we’ve ever seen.

“D-Do it, you two! I’m just you guys’ friend. It’s absolutely fine!”


Have we seen a person trying his best to fake a refreshing smile? Nope, we haven’t.


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Aguri-san and I looked at each other with solemn determination. Then, we nodded.

-After that, we made up our mind and faced the glorious battle.

“Hiya, a-a lot of people are looking at us. I’m getting embarrassed, darling.”

Aguri-san said as she’s holding the end of the piece of fries with her mouth.