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“I-It’s okay, you’re not smelly. Really. You’re really not smelly.”

“Eh, are you really trying to smooth things over? Don’t do that. Please don’t do that.”

Keita said that as he tried his best to check his odor…I already said it’s not smelly.

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After I calmed down a bit, I asked Keita once again.

“By the way, Keita, why are you here? Where’s your little brother?”

Keita stopped checking his body after hearing my question.

“My little brother got home first. Then, the reason that I’m here…”

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Keita felt silent suddenly after giving me a bitter smile. I tilted my head out of my confusion.

He scratched his head a bit awkwardly and said, “Uh, it’s nothing big…” He’s clearly hesitating. Then, he spoke up sheepishly after a while.

“Honestly, this is quite embarrassing…It sounds girly. I really hope that you can keep it a secret.”

“Really. Girly? Ah, perhaps you love watching the starry sky, that’s romantic of you…?”

“Uh, it’s not like that.”

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At this moment, Keita grabbed his phone out of the pocket and clicked on it. Then, …he turned the screen to me.

“T-This is…”

“Yes. I’m here to look for items in GOM Search. I really wanted the rewards in this checkpoint, no matter what. The reason for that is because…”