How to make money online 2021

How to make money online 2021

Here’s the appreciation speech. First, Cactus-sensei, responsible for the illustrations, I appreciated your drawings of the university girls. Regrettably, they can’t appear in the main story. Thanks for taking care of the spinoff as well.

Then, we have the editor. You said, “I’m really sorry for giving you too few pages for the afterword” in the email—what a mysterious apology. Welcome to the world with twisted values. It’s okay. Actually, I was anxious about how few pages there are for the afterword too. This meme…is slowly getting more and more serious…!

At last, it’s the readers. I’m genuinely grateful for you to stay all the way until the spinoff (short stories collection). Initially, when < Dragon Magazine > decided to publish < Gamers! >’s spinoff (short story), I was thinking about what I should write for a “lonely rehab story” spinoff. …However, after everything, even though it’s unexpected, I think the plot’s still pretty original.

Also, I want to share a piece of good news for everyone. The last part of this volume is available to read on the < Dragon Magazine > published on the same day. (September 2017) Yeah, please buy one to see the story! (sudden advertisement)

However, it’s not just for this month. Kiriya’s story is also published weekly on < Dragon Magazine > too. If you loved it, please look for the magazine.

Well, I’ll see you in Volume 9 of the main story, which will be released in winter!

Sekina Aoi

Translator: your_pingas

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Winter is an incredibly blessed season for high school gamers in the north.

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After all, the Christmas sale provided many games, and you get New Year’s money to buy them. Aside from that, you can play for all you want during the winter holidays.

Moreover, the winter holidays in the north are 10 days longer than usual.

What else can you call this other than a High School Gamer’s Golden Season?