How do you sing on your mobile phone?

How do you sing on your mobile phone?

However, in this game, one could only stare at the screen while driving. Most players could only use the keyboard and controller. The sense of immersion was far from it.

It was as troublesome as driving in reality and the experience was not as good. Who would play it?

What’s more, driving in reality was not a particularly high threshold. Most families with slightly better economic conditions had cars.

Many office workers were tired from driving to and from work. When they returned home, they continued to drive in the game. Why did they have to follow the regulations?

What kind of spirit was this? How addicted was he to doing this?

In order to obtain a better gaming experience, he had to buy a steering wheel. However, steering wheels were not cheap. Even entry-level steering, which he could play with slightly better, cost one or two thousand yuan. Those with better entry-level steering cost more than three thousand yuan. Some of the more advanced direct-driven steering were more expensive.

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Coupled with the pedals, hand brakes, H-tier, scaffolding, and other parts, the expenses were even higher.

What’s more, steering and scaffolding took up space and were easy to eat dust. The cost was not just about money. Most people had to weigh the pros and cons before buying them.

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All in all, Pei Qian felt that this idea was very good.

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It had accurately dissuaded most players!

For ordinary gamers, they would have to spend money to fix the car after touching it slightly. They would also have to abide by the rules. They would not feel good playing it at all.

For most keyboard and controller players, it was probably a rather difficult task to control the car carefully and pass the subjective examination. It was not much fun.

To those big shots with the steering wheel and other high-end equipment, the game content was very boring. It was no different from driving in reality. Many professional racing games were much more fun than this.

The only ones who would be interested in this game should be those players who did not like to race but loved to drive normally, right?

If there were such gamers, why not become chauffeurs? They could also earn money to support their families while satisfying their own interests. Wouldn’t that be perfect?

Pei Qian looked around at everyone. “What do you think, everyone?”

Everyone exchanged confused looks.

Obviously, most people’s first reaction was: Not good!