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(Part 2 End)

“Good morning Horikita-san. Do you have a moment?”

During the break after first period, Yōsuke went and paid a visit to Horikita at her seat.

For whatever reason, I decided to watch over them from my own seat.

“I went around talking to a bunch of people yesterday, but it’s proving difficult to get anybody to cooperate. A couple people told me they’d be willing to pair up, but…”

Despite being fellow comrades of the soccer club, the recruitment process didn’t seem to be progressing very smoothly. After all, getting the first-year students who had only just joined the club to completely open up to him would be difficult, even for somebody like Yōsuke.

“They asked you for points, didn’t they?”

Upon seeing Yōsuke nod in response, Horikita continued.

“They’ve got the opportunity to sell themselves at a high price. It’s not surprising.”

Private point buyout tactics had spread throughout the entirety of the first year, just as I had imagined.

“I was told that Class 2-A reached out to them, asking them to pair up, but then Class 2-C went and offered points for the same thing. It’s not just the guys I talked to either. Class C has tried to poach nearly everybody that Class A has reached out to as well.”

“It’s only natural since the smart students are so hotly contested.”

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Deep down, Horikita had already predicted this.

However, what Yōsuke said next was a little bit different.

“Though, it seems that they’ve even reached out to some students with C or D ratings. I’ve even heard stories that they were willing to pay large sums of points for them as well.”

“So you’re saying that they aren’t necessarily prioritizing the academically stronger students?”

“As far as I can tell, at least.”

“Alright. If you can remember anybody’s name in specific, could you perhaps share them with me?”

“Of course.”