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“At that time, we were seen by two students from Class D. Yukimura-kun and Ayanokōji-kun.”

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The names of two students emerged.

“A picture was sent to us afterward. A photograph of when we were involved with Karuizawa.”

“So that’s how it is. I had expected there to be evidence since you were being threatened, but for the photograph to have been taken back then… What happened to this photo?”

“I deleted it. If somebody saw it… We would…”

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“So the situation has reached its conclusion.”

“So it’s a definitely either Yukimura-shi and Ayanokōji-shi?”

Said Kaneda, who hadn’t spoken on the situation until now.

He was one of the few people in Class C who Ryūen considered to be of any use.

“Wait a moment, Ryūen. I don’t know much about Yukimura, but I don’t believe Ayanokōji is the one pulling the strings for Class D. I’ve had the chance to interact with him a few times, and he didn’t strike me as that kind of guy.”

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“Yukimura does seem a little suspicious in that sense. He seems to be quite capable at academics.”

Ishizaki added.

“Isn’t it impossible to come to a conclusion like that? Ayanokōji-shi is always together with Horikita-shi. Besides, Ayanokōji-shi had been hiding his running ability at the sports festival. I think the more suspicious of the two would have to be him.”

“I think the two of them are irrelevant. Ayanokōji just has a quick foot and Yukimura just has his grades, right? I think that there would be more to the mastermind.”

“Who else could it be?”