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At his suggestion, the two of us began walking back to the dormitories without exchanging another word.

(Chapter 5 End)

Assistant Xin nodded as she recorded all these down. “Alright, Boss Pei. We actually still have some space available on this floor. We can squeeze a little and add a few office tables and chairs…”

“Squeeze a little? How could you have this kind of thinking?!

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“To cater to a comfortable and spacious environment for employees to work in has always been the mantra of this company. There are already too many people on this floor; it is rather saturated.

“Go and talk to the office manager and inform him we wish to rent another floor. All the designs and furnishings will be exactly the same as this floor!”

As renting office space was considered a normal expense and not for opening a new business, this would not result in a deferment of the upcoming settlement.

Although Tengda’s office layout was rather illogical—there was still much empty space spreading out, all the office tables and chairs sparsely had actually made the place packed. Renting another floor under these circumstances was not considered going against the rules.

“Oh, also. The previous lease we signed had been for a year, right?” Pei Qian asked.

Assistant Xin nodded, “That’s right; for a year. Manager Zhang had given us a special rate. We had paid one month upfront and one month deposit; our initial costs were lessened.”

Pei Qian gestured widely, “This time, ask Manager Zhang if we could change the contract. We don’t need to pay one month upfront and one month deposit anymore. We will pay quarterly from now on. Since we are in a rather good cash flow position now, it is rather troublesome if we still have to pay the rent month-by-month. We’ll lease another floor, and you can sign the contracts together with Manager Zhang.”

Assistant Xin asked, “Do you want to take another look at the contract details?”