How to make money online chat false powder

How to make money online chat false powder

It covered the entire cathedral, and my field of view was dyed gray.

(Using a smoke screen at this point? Is he trying to escape?)

Thinking about that, I swung my sword horizontally with a flash and cleared the ash powder with the sword pressure.

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The next moment,


The president’s scream came from behind.


When I looked back in a hurry,

「Kukuku… Oi, Oi, what are you gonna do now? Things have escalated now… Allen Rodore!」

「…Allen-kun, I’m sorry.」

Gregor, who was pointing the broken ash sword towards the president’s nape, had a triumphant smile.

The situation immediately took a turn for the worse because the president was taken hostage.

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「Gregor, you!」

「Ooh, scary scary… Don’t make such a scary face.」

I glared at Gregor, who conducted the worst of the worst acts as a swordsman. He just smiled with an uncaring attitude.

(Shit, what do I do?)