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Nagumo deliberately said it was a ‘1st year’ to Sakayanagi yet there was no change in her expression.

But Nagumo concluded that on the contrary, it meant that she’s interested.

“I came here today to ask you for a favor. It’s about a member of the student council, Ichinose Honami-san from Class B of the 1st years. I will be launching an attack against her shortly. It may get somewhat stormy once that happens.”

“I’ve heard that one before. So?”

Nagumo urged her to continue. This is something Nagumo heard from Sakayanagi during their previous meeting alone.

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Of course, there aren’t that many people aware of this fact.

“She’s the only 1st year in the student council. In other words, you could say she’s slated to become the future student council president.”

“Assuming none of the other 1st years are accepted into the student council and there’s no outstanding talent among the incoming freshmen either, that is.”

“Yes, you are right.”

In other words, Ichinose’s loss is also the student council and Nagumo’s loss.

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“As a ‘thank you’ for the other day, I thought to inform you of it in advance. In the worst case scenario, Ichinose Honami-san may be expelled so I must ask you to bear with it.”

Sakayanagi declared that without showing any fear of Nagumo.