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Leia-sensei asked Ria-san with a serious expression.

「A-About what…?」

「Oh you… The proud princess of the Vesteria kingdom, lost the fight that she『personally』picked, and is also trying to escape from the penalty she『personally』had presented. But, if you’re okay with that, then it’s fine… It was simply on my mind. that’s all. Un, you don’t have to worry about it.」

This issue was finally coming to an end… but this person…

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I can affirm, Leia-sensei has a bad personality. Considerably bad.

Even right now, she was completely playing with Ria-san.

(…I should not get too involved with this person)

While I was thinking about that, Ria-san finally started groaning loudly.

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「KU, UUUUUUUU! …E-Enough! I understand, I understand already! I will keep my promise, that should be fine, right!?」

Out of desperation, Ria-san yelled loudly halfway through.

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Looking at her, Leia-sensei shrugged her shoulders unnaturally.

「Oi Oi, don’t make it sound as though I’m forcing you. This is your problem to solve. Will you keep your promise and become a slave, or will you run away from your promise? It’s no good if you don’t decide for yourself.」

「Mu, guuuu…」

She cried out a voice that couldn’t be heard and glared at me.