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What are the most profitable projects on the Internet?

“Well then.”

I don’t want to use my brain anymore today.

I’ll go straight home today and slowly burn through the rest of the day.

I took my phone out and checked the time.

“Well, if you don’t have any special plans… Can I come over to your room to hang out?”

I was paying attention to the conversation at the student council meeting, so I didn’t realize Kei had sent a message.

Although it had already been 30 minutes, since she didn’t retract it or offer a follow up, Kei might still be waiting for my reply.

I decided to reply to her now, even if it was late, because I didn’t have anything special lined up after that.

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Although we were dating, we haven’t made it public yet.

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There were very limited places where just the two of us could spend time together without being noticed.

And even the dormitory isn’t very safe. Rather, even if we were seen once, it could easily become the decisive blow.

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But if it came to that, we would just decide on a decisive solution.

“Want to come to my room?” I replied to her, and within a second, it showed that it had been read.

Was it just a coincidence that she was playing with her phone, or was she waiting for my reply all along?

“’I’ll come!” A short reply from Kei.

“Is it alright if I come now!?”

The messages were coming one after the other. I replied that I’m coming back now, and that she could come whenever she wanted after 20 minutes. And then she could just come over following the usual guidelines.

Even if someone else was on the same floor, Kei would be able to handle to some extent.