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“…Uh, I would like to ask all the seniors that are studying in Otobuki here, …is that person acting explicitly like that?”

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Konoha-san suddenly gave us a lifeless look as she asked a question like that.

After we heard that, all of the Otobuku students present shook their heads.

“No, the scariest part is that she’s doing it naturally.”

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“For real…”

Konoha-san looked at the scenery in front of her with half respect and another half dumbfounded.

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We also smiled bitterly…as we looked at that again.

…Right there.

Under the shades of the trees, there’s a beautiful, yet slightly melancholic girl with blonde hair sitting on the bench by the fountain. She’s even flipping the pages of a book elegantly with her slim fingers.

Everyone around the fountain, regardless of their gender, stopped walking and reveled in that scenery.

Kohona-san sweatdropped as she mumbled.

“No, no, no, what’s with that, she’s literally an angel!”

“She’s really an angel.”

“Is it okay for a person like that to exist outside the world of light novels! Isn’t that too weird!”

“Every student in Otobuki is witnessing this light novel scenery daily, though.”