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"That nobody here turn traitor. Everyone here. Especially Class A, I want you to take out your phones and place them where I can see them. No, everyone too. Everyone put your phones where I can see them" Yukimura said.

He had directed that statement at the representative of the group here, Machida, but Machida replies to him in an unamused tone. "I don't understand what you're getting at. What do you mean?" he said to Yukimura. "Exactly what I said. Nothing more and nothing less" Yukimura replies. "Fine. If it's just placing them there". Approaching Yukimura, all the students from Class A took out their phones and placed them in front of him. Having confirmed that fact, without even a cloud of doubt on his expression, Yukimura made his move. Yukimura pulls his phone out of his pocket and lights up its screen, then enters its required 6-digit password and logs into his phone.

Then he opens the mail sent to him from the school and lifts the screen up directly for everyone to see. "...I'm sorry for lying to you, Ayanokouji..." Yukimura apologizes as he opens up the mail sent from the school. The ones most surprised after seeing the sentence written in the mail would, of course, have to be the members of Class D. "I am the target..." Yukimura said. On the screen was a mail different from what everyone else had received. "W-what Y-Yukimura-dono was the "target" all along?" Sotomura looks at him with astonished eyes. This also means that we have effectively relinquished the 500,000 points that would otherwise have been given to Class D. However, this very Yukimura is the person who I have exchanged phones with in secret.

"If I knew things would end up like this, I would have talked from the start" Yukimura said. Karuizawa also seemed shocked from the bottom of her heart and her expression showed unease. Looking at the perspective of those two who would have never thought of Yukimura as the "target", it makes sense. Machida then stood up and peered at the mail on Yukimura's phone once more. "It seems the mail is real. All the other personal mails also seem to be Yukimura's without a doubt" Machida said after having checked even Yukimura's private chats without permission.

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Towards the Machida who approached the situation with suspicion, Ichinose tried to explain the situation calmly. "There's no way it would be a fake. After all, you know the rules the school put in place. In regards to the mails sent by the school concerning the exam, copying the mail and transferring it are explicitly forbidden. As long as the mail is sent from the school's address, the possibility of it being fake is zero" Ichinose says. Exactly, from the start, fabricating information in this exam is expressly forbidden. Since the punishment known as expulsion awaits those who break the rule, everything that's laid out here has to be nothing but the truth.

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Even if one overcomes this obstacle by lying here, the problem will still await them after the end of the exam hence the outcome would be the same either way. "That means it's definitely Yukimura-kun then". Manabe nods in agreement. The important thing here was the condition that Yukimura's mail be shown after all. Whether the person holding that phone is indeed the owner of that phone or irrelevant. In other words, making a decision on whether the person in question owns the phone or not is a surprisingly difficult task.

Especially for students on guard during the exam, the idea that someone may have switched out their phones with another person is not a particularly unexpected hypothesis to make. However, casually entering the 6-digit password and unlocking the phone in front of them makes things different.

There's no way a student can know another student's password. They would inevitably draw such a conclusion almost unconsciously by assuming it would be so if it were their phone. This is not rooted in reasoning but rather a preconception that's been planted in their minds over many years.

"I'm sorry Yukimura-kun...I thought of this as a last resort...".

"No. I think this is the right thing to do. I tried to somehow lie my way out of this. But that was wrong. I'm sure Ayanokouji and Sotomura, and also Karuizawa would feel this is the right thing" Yukimura replied.

By saying that, he made himself out to look like the person who tried to safely secure points only for himself.

"...with this everyone should know the "target" is me. So you should've all arrived at an answer" he continued.

That's right, by clearing the exam together with everyone, the entire group can earn 500,000 points. The first outcome that seemed unachievable at first may be obtained now.

Ichinose nods her head once then once again, with more strength than before, she pleads with Class A.

"Please. Let's not waste Yukimura-kun's courage. Please cooperate with us. Don't betray us". "We were just following Katsuragi-san's instructions from the start. We won't do anything on our own" Machida replies to Ichinose.

He did say that, but before the end of the exam, there will be a period in which we will definitely have to disband as a group. Before the exam ends, for that blank period of 30 minutes, we must trust in not only our classmates but students of other classes as well.

"I want to, I believe in everyone..." Yukimura says that as if it were a wish. And every class receives that equally. I wonder if the students who spent the same time together over the past few days have gained something resembling a friendship.

I wonder if they'll accept Yukimura's feelings, and be able to cooperate together to victory. No, such a thing is impossible. I'm sure with this, somebody will definitely turn traitor.

And if so, we of Class D who have switched our phones amongst each other will surely win.