Is there a online fast color?

Is there a online fast color?

“We were talking about room sharing.”

“Room sharing? …Sounds like another load of crap.”

Apparently, Chabashira was also familiar with the room sharing situation Hoshinomiya-sensei had been talking about.

It was reasonable for me to assume that the company Hoshinomiya-sensei was talking about earlier was none other than this very school.

Except, it was originally two people per room instead of one.

Well, if I wanted, I could verify this assumption immediately, but I simply didn’t care at all.

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(Chapter 4 End)

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Later that day, a somewhat unusual incident took place.

It happened at the start of the lunch break, just as the Ayanokōji Group was making their way to the cafe to eat together.

“Hey Ichinose. We should go get back at ‘em! Even the score!”

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As we were walking, we heard a harsh voice from up ahead of us. This voice belonged to none other than Shibata, a first-year student in Class B. He was accompanied by two other students who were also from Class B, Ichinose and Kanzaki.

“It’s like, totally unusual, right guys? For Shibata-kun to get angry like that?”

“It’s certainly unexpected.”