Do you sell LOL skin online?

Do you sell LOL skin online?

「Huh, rest assured. I won’t kill them… for now.」

『For now』- that is to say, he’ll kill them sooner or later.

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(Don’t screw around…!)

Blood rushed to my head, and I poured every ounce of my spiritual power into it.

「UOOOOOOOOH, Dark Shadow!」

Blade-like darkness that boasted terrific sharpness, tore up the hands of water into pieces.

However, it was completely meaningless.

Whether it was cut, sliced, or lopped, the transparent water quickly returned to the form of 『hands』.

「…Give up, Allen. No one has ever broken through this sealing technique. It seals the target’s consciousness. Without pain or suffering. You would already be in the other world before you realize it.」

「Like hell I’m gonna give up…!」

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After that, I continued to resist desperately, but…

Slowly but surely, I was dragged into the door.

(Damn… Is there no other way!?)

Ria and Rose were exhausted. Ben-san and others could no longer fight.