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“Secondly, Tengda Games has been plowing deep into the client-side game market for two years. With standalone games like Ocean Stronghold as its predecessors, GOG’S client-side game became very well-received from the moment it was released!

“Lastly and most importantly, GOG’s mobile game, its competition, and its rewards have caused enthusiasm for the client-side game to build up even before it was released.

“Since the client-side game and mobile games are integrated, many mobile game users downloaded the client-side game as soon as they could to experience it.

“Many people had even started waiting in advance at internet cafes, to fight for the competition prizes. The moment the server was opened, they entered and worked hard to rise through the ranks. Every second mattered!

“That’s why GOG’s client-side game has achieved such impressive results at the start!

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“According to the figures from Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, Gods Rising, IOI’s international server, and GOG’s test server had been vying for first place. However, ever since GOG’s client was released, the balance was broken.

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“GOG’s client quickly defeated the other two games and caught all the gamers’ attention!

“Although it’s still too soon to celebrate our victory, it evidently paid off to release GOG’s mobile game before the client!

“Boss Pei, this is all thanks to your wise guidance!”

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Pei Qian looked confused. “...I never told you to create a mobile version of GOG.”

Hu Xianbin nodded. “That’s right, you’re not wrong. Big Sister Li was the one who requested us to create a mobile version of the game and link both of the accounts.

“However, Big Sister Li said that she had learned to displace the competition from you. The series of classic moves that you undertook for publicity gave Big Sister Li inspiration and changed her line of thinking. That was why she was able to think of such a method to advertise GOG’s client-side game!”

Pei Qian, “...”

Was this what it felt like to be stabbed in the back from afar? Li Yada was still on holiday, but she had remembered to leave a thorn behind before leaving.

Pei Qian’s head began to hurt, and he suddenly had an ominous feeling. From the looks of the current situation, things would turn dire if IOI still put off releasing a local server...

No way. IOI had to have a local server by the next cycle.

Otherwise, the plot would develop completely differently from what Pei Qian had imagined. The situation would spiral out of control!

Pei Qian turned to leave.

By now, Hu Xianbin had become used to Boss Pei’s swift and decisive reactions. “Take care, Boss Pei! You’re welcome here anytime! We’ll always be ready for your inspection!”